William Bernier
Did pretty well on my cut but it took them almost an hour to cut my buddy
CeePee_ No_3
I genuinely recommend Dave to anyone who like me is in search for that rare combination of a clean cut that comes from a barber who not only is experienced, but takes the time to understand what it is that you're explaining as he progresses. I am someone who is very particular with my haircut(particularly my hairline & beard)and because of this it usually takes me awhile to find a barber i genuinely like, but after the first cut (today being my 2nd) i was convinced he was the real deal & i can proudly say i will be returning to him.
E T.
Gone here a couple times now. Saw Yusuf. Good cut. Nice fellow. Nice decor. Will keep going back. Wished they took credit card.
C. S.
Great shop....respectful and clean....ask for Garvey!!! Attention to detail and very precise.
Best in Class South Orange
Good barbers. Friendly.
Jomarie S.
My review is a bit deff then the ladies here. Thanks to Tanisha and her AMAZING review (yes girl you did THAT) I decided to make an appointment with L. He however suggested I be taken care of by Harlem after he saw what I was looking for. And. Let. Me. Tell. You!!!!!! HARLEM hooked me up!!!! I cant tell you how pleased I am. #insert pic separately
Jenelle G.
ok soooo Like Tanisha C. posted, needed a hair cut in the worst way! Had been "kitchen technician" in the garage for a minute and wanted/needed a cleaner look. I go to Yelp actually looking for a spot that was referred by a friend and assume that this is it. Upon arrival I realize I'm in the wrong spot (based on physical location), No biggie tho, I'm already here, in desperate need of a good cut, and the brother with the dreads sees me as I'm approaching...can't turn back now! I actually felt pretty good walking in tho based on Tanisha's review/video; and I had a pic of exactly what I wanted. Just my luck, the guy with the window seat and dreads was none other than the man himself...L. Oh happy day bcuz I just knew he'd be unavailable base on her (TC) rave review. Not the case at all! I'm another satisfied customer and look fwd to my next visit!